Robert Pattinson

Robert, born in 1986 in London, England, came into the limelight when he was picked to star in the Harry Potterseries. Apart from acting, he is also a producer, a singer, and a model. Did you know that he also plays the piano and the guitar?

Pattinson’s real name is Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson. His father was a salesman and mother worked as a model in England. Currently Robert lives in London and works in California like other British stars.

Cedric Creates a Star

Robert started acting in London at age 15 at the Barnes Theatre where he took a small role in the ‘Curse of the Ring’. His career took off when in 2003 he applied for and won a role in ‘Harry Potter’ as Cedric Diggory.

Worldwide success came when he took a major role at the hit series ‘Twilight Zone’ where his music was also featured. After this, Pattinson has received many accolades and acting awards. As a heart throb, he is usually associated with his shaggy hair.

Pattinson loves Arsenal, and winds up his free time playing pool and darts. Apart from being such a star when it comes to the screen, he recently admitted that he has a horse phobia.